Letters and Emails From Previous Clients

"Dear Christina,
I don't even know where to begin thanking you. The photos from our wedding are not only beautiful - you're so extravagantly talented - but also capture exactly the way we were feeling, and the mood of the wedding. How do you do it?? Thank you for turning an ephemeral day into something tangible. It feels like your photos are our actual memories of the wedding. It was really great spending the day with you. You have such a calm, kind presence; it was like you sprinkled photo fairy dust over the proceedings. Our families are still talking about how wonderful you are. Thank you, thank you for all your work, kindness, and talent."
Emma and Jared

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful surprise! We love it! The reason this note is so belated is because I don't feel that there are words large enough to express our gratitude and admiration for your work. You captured moments that I hope to hold onto forever and other details that we missed in the commotion of the day - both kinds of photographs are special to us. Thank you for helping us remember it all so vividly."
Kaori and Nobu

"Hi Christina!
Sadie and I hope you are doing very well.  We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved all of our wedding photos.  We've been going through them over and over and just adore them.  We could not be happier! Thank you so much for all of your work and for making the entire wedding photography process so smooth and enjoyable for us.  Neither one of us particularly enjoys having our picture taken, but we had a blast with you! All of our friends and family have been telling us how much they love them too and can't wait to have prints made, etc.  We really can't thank you enough. You captured so many little details and moments that we didn't even have a chance to notice on our wedding day and we really appreciate that. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. We can't wait to get our DVD's. We'll be recommending you to every engaged couple we know! 
Thank you again, so much,
Love, Dana and Sadie" 

"Oh wow, this is wonderful!  Christina, you are so, so talented.  I've been neglecting everything else I'm supposed to be doing in favor of looking at pictures all the time! :)  THANK YOU!!!"
Lauren and Casey

"WOW!!!  You perfectly captured the feel of the day and the importance of our family and friends.  Your
photos tell our story from beginning to end:) Once again Christina, we are so thrilled by what you have sent us.  The memories you captured are beautiful and carry so much meaning for Kyle, myself, and our family.
Enjoy your summer"
Christine and Kyle
"Hey Christina!
Oh my God! Thank you so much! :) We love, love, love the photos! You captured so much more than I ever saw! hahaha... I think I was mostly talking to friends that I missed people dancing in the barn! lol. The slideshow was awesome. Thank you so much! :) You've been a dream to work with!
Cheska :)

Hey Christina,
Thank you for the beautiful photos!  You really captured our wedding the way we want to remember it.  Simple, fun and intimate.  Kudos for taking shots of the food...  I have to ask Marky to give us the recipes.. :P
I also loved the slide show and shared it on my facebook page.
It is a journey indeed.  We met when you just moved from Brooklyn.  Then saw each other at the book reading in SF. The portrait session and finally, at our wedding day.  At least on my end, you made the wedding day very relaxed and fun while taking tons of pictures.  A stark comparison to most weddings I've attended.
I can't wait to get the discs.  I have a new project in mind where I'll take all the pictures taken from the wedding and our engagement era and make a virtual album where I'll caption some of the pictures.  Perhaps this will keep us busy before the honeymoon. 
I'll keep watching your blog and admire the beautiful photos you take and perhaps recommend you to future couples and events.
Again, we thank you for the beautiful photos and good luck on your future work.
- Arnold and Cheska
P.S: If you need food/restaurant recommendations (except for Pizza because I think you got that covered - lol), don't hesitate to shoot us an email.  " - Cheska and Arnold
Thank you so very much! What a beautiful job you did. 
We love the shallow depth of field and especially the light airiness of the outdoor images. You really captured the spirit and emotion of the event. 
It was a pleasure to have you there!"
Jennifer and Chris
"Dear Christina,
Your pictures of Sonja and Daniel's wedding are absolutely beautiful and deeply touching.  You have done magnificent work!  I have never before seen still images so full of motion, music, and mood--pure photo poetry.  You have captured the spirit and the magic of the event in your photos, and Gudrun and I are delighted that you have applied such artistry to our daughter's wedding.  Each time I look at the pictures I feel joy and amazement, and I know that we will always treasure them.

You are exceptionally talented.  As an amateur picture-taker, I recognize many elements that you have used in your work, like light, shadows, darkness, color, and depth of focus.  There are no doubt other aspects that I cannot consciously identify.  I can also see that you are remarkably skilled in seeing and capturing what is meaningful, framing eye-catching scenes, seizing some marvelous moments, and cropping for dramatic effect.  I am in awe of your ability to maneuver unobtrusively through the action while applying all of your skills simultaneously to produce hundreds of stunning images at a single event.

My most respectful thanks for your efforts and your work,
Jerry" (Father of the bride)
"Dear Christina,
I am so grateful that the stars aligned for you to be our wedding photographer. I am so impressed with your artistry and ability to capture everyone's energy and find beauty in unlikely places. We could not be more pleased with the photos and truly enjoyed having you here for our celebration. Thank you so much!" 
Hannah and Dietrich
"Hi Christina,
These are wonderful!!! Thank you SO much, both for being so flexible and working with us, and for taking such amazing photographs. We're on our honeymoon now, in nova scotia, so we've only been able to look at the pictures on our phones. It's kind of frustrating, but they look so totally great, even so small (and taking a while to load...).
I'm sure this is everyone's response, but it's so lovely to see all the moments we missed, and to see that people really were having fun. And of course that everyone and everything looked lovely.
Take care, and thank you again! We're so grateful."
Miranda and Gabriel
These are amazing! Thank you so much!  We had a great time this morning looking over all the photos, and we absolutely love them. 
Thank you again."
Laura and Ted
Eric and I cannot express enough how special it was to have found you as our photographer. All our family and friends just adored you even more so after they saw all the beautiful snapshots of our day." 
Jenn and Eric
We are blown away by the photos you took at our wedding. We just love your unique perspective and your ability to capture those special little moments and details. We will re-live our perfect day through your photos for years and years to come. 
Many, many thanks."
Gilly and Joe
"Hi Christina!
OH MY GOD! We LOVE THESE! I'm sure you get capslock all the time but I really wish I had capslock that was bigger than your computer screen, because that would only go halfway to conveying how in love we are with these photos! Perhaps some exclamation points would help?
I am utterly amazed. You did SUCH a great job. I really love your fine art touch. I am using the word "love" a lot, because it's true. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now I'm just babbling senselessly. I'm sorry!

I mean, we never set out to hire someone who could specifically blend into the background -- that's not something we even thought about before we began planning a wedding -- but after you go through the wedding experience you tend to pay attention to things like that. And even my own mother barely remembered you being there, despite you having taken our posed photos. So that just goes to show: how you can disappear into thin air like a ninja yet somehow still get these astounding, breathtaking photos is beyond me. You are truly talented and I will spread the word about you to anyone who'll listen! 
We absolutely cannot wait to see more! Thank you again, so much!"
Lyn and Chad

"A quote from on the the 'maids. "Wow, and again, wow.  This chick is amazing.  I am usually completely underwhelmed by wedding photography but these are wonderful from top to bottom.  Just the right mix of polish, personality and intimacy without all the obligatory formality and/or cheese."
EXACTLY. You are the real deal, lady! :)
Best wishes."
Alanna and Buck
"Amazing, wonderful, fantastic.  Thanks Christina, these are the best.  You got everything! 
Wow. People were already responding to the previous set saying how great they are.  It was such a joy to look through these, we laughed and aww-ed. And yeah, you truly got everything. Thank you, thank you again."
Marie and Joe
"Dear Christina,
We have really enjoyed looking through the online photo gallery with our friends.  Also, the CDs (plural!) arrived today!
It's been really lovely working with you, and we so enjoyed having you at the wedding.  Many of the pictures really took our breath away with your use of lighting and the way that you captured people and moments.  We can't thank you enough!
We will definitely recommend you to anyone else we know who gets married here.  And, we would be happy to provide a testimonial or to act as references if that would help you grow your business."
Clair and Adam

We just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for the amazing photographs. You really went above and beyond our expectations and were a total joy to work with. It was a great experiance we won't soon forget and we will cherish the photos for the rest of our lives...my mom's jaw dropped when she saw the pictures and could only keep saying, 'no one has pictures like this!' Thanks again for all of the incredible photos- we can't stop singing your praises!
All the best, Elisa and J"
"I've gotten a lot of emails in response to the photo slideshow and online gallery.  Everyone LOVES your work.  I thought you might like to hear some of your rave reviews:
Absolutely gorgeous!
What BEAUTIFUL pictures!  I especially love the one of your wedding kiss... you on your tippie toes.  Adorable. 
Seeing the pictures made me relive the joy of the day.
Some of the best wedding photos I've ever seen! Nice to revisit the wedding :)
Absolutely gorgeous photos -- next best thing to being there!
Thank you for capturing our wedding in such a beautiful way.  I hope all is well with you!
Tiara" - Tiara and Ian

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this weekend. So many people told us how nice you were, and that you didn't stand still all night! You were so kind to us and very accommodating to my large family. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer, and we can't thank you enough!"
Sarah and Joe
"Hi Christina,
I just looked at the link to the color shots.  They are nothing short of amazing!!  I can't believe you could be in so many places at once... really, astounding.  I would love to rave about you-- I was thinking about writing something up on yelp... can you think of anywhere else you'd like? 
thanks again for all your amazing work!"
Katy and Ippy