clouds in carmel

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


east side bride said...

this makes me feel v. calm. that is a good thing.

Christina said...

We. Have. The. Same. Name. (!!!)

My name is Christina Richards too!

This is blowing my mind! haha. I saw this photo on east side bride and the photo credit said my name, I was like huh? I didn't take this photo. Haha this is so crazy. Love your blog and photos. Following for sure. (:

Christina said...

That is so weird! I was going to ask if you are a flower scientist because I know that there is a Christina Richards - but I went to your blog and I don't think that is you at all! Cool blog btw, xo - c

Christina said...

Thanks (: I like your photography. We both live in California too. Crazy.

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