Organic Farming - Wholeness Farm

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
We have a wonderful farmer's market in Mountain View, this is where we met Luis of Wholeness Farm. We loved all the beautiful vegetables Luis had at his stand so we were happy to sign up for his csa this year. I recently had a chance to visit the farm and learn a little about organic farming.

Horses running in the walnut farm that borders Wholeness.

Tiny little beetles that will destroy vegetation if not controlled. Okra damaged by frost.

Luis walks through the freshly planted winter and spring crops.

Young lettuce on the left and what is left of lettuce after it has bolted and gone to seed.

Cabbage, a winter crop.

Gophers are a huge issue for Luis. These traps are to help control the gophers. The trap is tied to a stake so that other critters don't run or fly away with the traps.

The field planted with young winter and spring vegetables, in the distance you can see the vineyard that borders the farm.

To plant seeds in straight rows stakes are driven into the ground and string marks the area to plan seeds. Luis is showing how they drive the stakes into the ground.

Weeds are a constant problem. In order to kill weeds without conventional herbicides they need to do lots of hoeing.

Demonstrating how the weeds are destroyed.

Luis built this temporary greenhouse to see if tomatoes could be planted early, it worked out well and he plans to build a more permenant one for next spring. Heavy winds recently tore the greenhouse cover off.

The packing area is just outside the greenhouse. You can see how weeds take over land that is untended in the background.

Garlic cloves too small for planting.

Luis on the farm in Lodi California.

Once last image of the farm at dusk, Luis is harvesting some lettuce for me to take home.


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